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Bit'N Book Wars - Dark Lover VS Kiss of Midnight

Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Kiss of Midnight - Lara Adrian

Our first ever book wars! Are you as excited as we are? Yippee! *clears throat*


So for our first book war we've chosen the popular paranormal romance novels Dark Lover and Kiss of Midnight from the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward and Midnight Breed by Lara Adrian. Both are fabulous authors, and we respect them highly.


Several of us have read the first book in both series and have rated specific aspects of the books. Books are scored from 0 to 130 points. Out of ten we rate the books on their cover, blurb, hero, heroine, writing style, dialogue, setting/ world building, theme, originality, smexiness, plot, anti-heroes/ villains and one-liners.


This is all a bit of fun. Nothing serious here. So come and join us, and see what we thought of the books. And if you've been paying attention to our Facebook page, you'll know we've been doing Top of the Hots and battling the two hunks in the books. Now you can see the winner HERE. Who is YOUR favourite?


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